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He who befriends all will shoot you when no one is looking

Don't mess into other people's lives and especially not with their wives

Good customer service is the way to sell a product

The art of NASI LEMAK lies in the SAMBAL

How can you win against someone who doesn't even know the rules of the game?

Tomorrow is yet another day

Watch for the sky, for its the most colourful after a dark and gloomy grey sky

A story is meant to be told

Don't give me problems, Give me solutions

An ice cream is meant to be eaten frozen not melted

Life tastes better with pepper not salt

- by ME

Philosophies In My Life

The light at the end of the tunnel is an oncoming train
- one of Murphy's Law

The sky is no longer the limit
- Unknown

No one can do everything, but we can all do nothing
- Garfield

What we call human nature in actuality is human habit
- Jewel Kilcher

A strawberry is a strawberry, you cannot make strawberry tastes like orange
- COL C H Ng

Interests does not pay your bills
- PTE Darryl
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nOthIng mUch jUst mY thOUghts fOr thE dAy...EnjOy
September 10, 2004  
woah!!! i simply forgot that i got a blog up. didn't post in almost a year!! can u believe that? maybe i will start writing in again...we'll c how...hehehe...

4:39 AM

October 07, 2003  
exams in 3 weeks time!!!!
still trying hard to cope with work. dun understand this and that. one stupid tutorial can take up to hours of my time...how to do revision like that? sigh...ok back to the books....c ya

8:52 AM

August 31, 2003  
so i'm back in my hostel on this sunday night. felt a bit hungry so i had some fried noodles. but i'm still feeling hungry....hmm mostly just want to munch on sumthing rather than want to eat anything. noe wat i mean? so its one more week of school before the school closes for a one week break. get to relax and catch up a little. life has been a rush as of late. trying to cope with everything. but its a good way to do some catching up and recuperate. ok i think dats all for now...
7:56 AM

August 29, 2003  
so its friday night and i'm still in my hostel. i should be back at home by now. damn man. its all because of the stupid project that is due on tuesday. the rest of the group members are blardie fuckers. looks like they dun give a shit about anything. so i wat i did was just write in a few words and asked the rest to do. the first part i already did it and wat did they do? almost nothing. oh well. i really wanted to go home just now. argh....bastards. should lodge a complain against them. ok looks like i need to do some catchingup over the weekends. i've been slacking for 3 nights in a row man.....that is not good at all. must study....wooo....we'll see how it goes over the weekend. hmm dunno wat to bring home. maybe i shall bring home like last weekend, the physics and circuits books. boy wat a dull life i have. hehe. need to do more activities ah. but then it'll take up too much time then i can't revise. if i'm a genius then its ok but i'm struggling in every way possible. hmm maybe for now, once after i really settle in then things might pick up a little. well like i said a little. oh look at the time... should get some sleep already. ok lah nitez...........
10:54 AM

August 07, 2003  
i've just discovered that a little more sleep can do you wonders. i came back to my room after school feeling totally exhausted and a bit sick. so the moment i stepped into the room, i had a change of clothes and slept from about 5++ all the way to 8++ in the evening. by the time i got up i was feeling all better and energetic. i think the long hours must have really taken a toll on me. i guess i still need some conditioning to adapt to the new environment. school has been very stressful of late. i hardly understand much of the lectures and it realy does help the fact that the lectures are going at sub-sonic speeds. after not studying for more than 2 years its tought to catch up. but i guess its starting up, my mind that is. i've been sleeping after midnight and waking up at 7 in the morning. sometimes i'd even stay up till 2 to 3 in the morning just reading the concepts that was being taught. but sad to say only about 5% actually goes in. in terms of application of concepts, that'll be another different story. i spend more than 2 hours just on one stupid question. another hour just trying to figure out y the solutions were as such. sigh. ok lah i think that'll be all.
9:23 AM

August 03, 2003  
well, well, well, will you look at that. guess wat day today is? its the first day of FREEDOM!! hehe. actually i got my pink ic last saturday. finally i get to see my baby face on the ic after a long 2 and a half year of separation. so lets rekindle back wat i've learnt so far over the years...hmm...i think its gonna take a while to do so. oh ya, before i went on leave, there was this pregnant cat in one of the bunks and on saturday when i came back, it gave birth to 4 kittens!!! so cute i tell ya. one was white with grey patches. another was with orange strips. the third was mixed with grey and black and the last one was black except for half her hind legs, her front paws and her gotee which were white. nice...so when i went back they were less than 2 months old. i played with the white and the black one. they kept running all over the place. there was one time when the white was chewing on my bermudas and the black one almost went inside my berms. nice. so cute...i almost felt like taking one back to my hostel. but come to think of it, maintenance would be difficult especially at its young age. so maybe i'll just be a spectator. then when i went home from camp i met my collegeau which told be he prefer me than my understudy. so i askedhim why. he couldn't answer but he did mentioned something about our presence or personality or something like that. but to cut it short, it feels good to be wanted. hehe. and he's not the only one who said that, another friend of mine also mentioned that to me. how nice. hmm my stomach's giving me some problems right now. been releasing alot of gas lately. hehe. hmm ok lah nothing else that i would like to mention as of now so i guess i'll head down to bed. hmm back to the question on what i've learnt, i've yet to find out wat they are. maybe you'd be the judge and tell me. maybe i've changed or maybe i've not. oh well, you decide. nitez
9:43 AM

July 29, 2003  
yeah...its been a while since i wrote in...let me see...looks like its almost more than a month ago...yah so i've stated school already and as i expected things are going pretty tough...trying really hard to cope with the current topics during the lectures. sadly the tutorials are only once a week. its like you are totally on your own man...whether u succeed or not its in your hands now. no more having teachers chasing after you. they practically don't care about you. tough life man. still i'm trying to adapt to the new environment. met with a few new and old people. some even way back since primary sch. she's my senior. didn't had time to talk much with her. maybe i will some day. do some catching up. oklah go to do some things before i head down to the lounge and watch tv. cya some time.
5:34 AM

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